Atlanta WAHN is an active chapter of National WAHN which is the governing body focused on creating chapters in every state to build and manage a nationwide network of women in affordable housing.


Jen Nyquist

Jen Nyquist


Grace Graszer

Grace Graszer


Laura Dodd

Laura Dodd

VP of Finance

Marissa Coleman

Marissa Coleman

VP of Governance

Maureen Freehill

Maureen Freehill

VP of Events

Kristy LaRose

Kristy LaRose

VP of Membership


Atlanta WAHN committees

Get active in our Atlanta WAHN committees today!  We offer many ways to get more deeply involved with the organization, allowing you to build your network, share your area of expertise with others and enhance your leadership skills.  The best way to get to know other women in affordable housing and build both personal and professional relationships is to volunteer to help on a committee.

Atlanta WAHN is actively seeking new members to serve on committees.
Please contact us today for more information.


Education, Philanthropy, Networking, Social

This committee is engaged in planning all events that support our mission, while delivering a fun place to build relationships, expand the member’s network and create meaningful avenues for discussion on important affordable housing topics.  Past events and meetings include a variety of educational, community service and social gatherings for our membership.

We are always open to new ideas and programs and welcome your contribution to this important initiative for our organization.

  • Quarterly Educational Luncheons
  • Annual Social Events at the Georgia Affordable Housing Coalition (GAHC) meeting
  • Monthly Book Club | 4th Wednesday of the month
  • Summer Social
  • Holiday Season Philanthropic Event
  • Career Days and Scholarship Awards for students interested in Affordable Housing
  • Mentorship Program

Contact our Vice President of Events, Maureen Freehill, to learn more about getting involved with Events.


Communications, Member Relations

This committee focuses on two key areas for Atlanta WAHN to recruit new members, keep existing members engaged and be a resource in affordable housing news and industry happenings.  We want to ensure that our members are getting timely, relevant information about our events as well as notable industry news.

If you have skills or interest in photography, graphic design, marketing, recruiting, promotions, social media, or newsletter production the membership committee is the place for you!

  • We work to improve communications through preparing and distributing a quarterly newsletter as well as managing ongoing social media announcements.
  • We provide member relations necessary to effectively market Atlanta WAHN to both recruit new members and keep existing members engaged.

    Contact our Vice President of Membership, Kristy LaRose, to learn more about getting involved with Membership.


    Sponsorship, Budgeting, Treasurer Support

    This committee supports the Treasurer by providing financial analysis, advice, and oversight of the organizational budget.  Typical tasks include accounting, budgeting, and financial planning, assisting with annual tax returns, and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies.

    The most critical task for our volunteers on the finance committee is to support the Board of Directors and Executive Committee in securing annual corporate sponsors for Atlanta WAHN. We always need finance and fundraising minded individuals to join the effort to keep Atlanta WAHN funded and organized financially.

    Contact our President of the Board, Jen Nyquist, to learn more about getting involved.


    Internal structure and external housing policy

    The Policy and Governance Committee’s mission is to elevate the governing structure and procedures of the organization, as well as oversee the function of the Board nominations process.  As National WAHN continues to add additional chapters and the organization develops a nationwide reach, it will be critical to ensure that Atlanta WAHN is in alignment with both National and other chapter locations.

    Additionally, this committee will be charged with staying on top of Federal and State policies effecting affordable housing in our region.  The goal will be to keep informed on any pending or current legislation and communicate meaningful information to Atlanta WAHN members.

    Contact our Vice President of the Board, Grace Graszner, to learn more about getting involved with Policy.